The Juniper’s Tree Trilogy Has Come to an End︱The Journey of Writing a Full-Length Series

Thank You to the Readers

Thank you! Everyone who purchased and took the time to read my book. I am really thankful for those who took the time to leave me feedback and reviews, too. 🙏 Thank you again, I am eternally grateful to you all. It brings tears to my eyes, to know that people actually enjoy a story that I put my whole heart and soul into writing.

If any of you are interested and want to read a three-part series, the last novel will be free-to-read on January 18, 2021. If you want to catch up, here’s the link to my Fiction Press account: https://www.fictionpress.com/u/1143214/

Thank you again to those who read and pre-ordered the novel.

Special Q&A

⚠️ These are spoiler-free answers, if you haven’t read my books, yet — I hint at some things, but that’s about it ⚠️

Q: How do you come up with names for your characters?

A: It was a culmination of spiritual intuition, some of them were personal choices, and others were just puns. Like “Alise” (“a lease”) — you’ll get the cruel innuendo after you read the first book. “Warren Graves” is an anagram, props to those who have figured it out. The name “George” means martyr. And “Juniper” is a reference to the “juniper tree” in the Bible, she’s a protector… to the best of her ability, she tries to be. In my new series (“Suffer, My Desire”), the name Monét Blanchard literally means white money — I hope that giving that away doesn’t provide you with too much of a red herring. But, her subplot gets pretty crazy, so I doubt revealing that alone will lead to any meaningful predictions about her character.

Q: What songs remind you of each book in the series, and why?

A: I’m probably going to sound like a huge nerd for saying this, but for the first book (“Apotheosis”) — I was listening to “Forever Lost” (MYTH & ROID), “Goodbye Happiness” (Hikaru Utada), and “The Spaniards” (William Patrick Corgan). During the second novel (“Lovers”) — the bad guys are these crazy, plasticine television personalities… they both have dual sides to them, and yet, the two of them happen to be the perfect couple (so, in their insanity, they both understand each other, like Bonnie and Clyde). I was listening to a lot of Avenged Sevenfold during the production of that book, particularly “Afterlife” and “Roman Sky” — I was also listening to “Paint It Black” by The Rolling Stones, too, the single reminded me of Warren Graves as a character, so it kind of extended into the third book as well. “Endeavor” (Shaylee and Florence McNair) reminded me of Elizabeth Gardner’s struggle to accept her destiny, as well as Juniper Jamison’s stalwart determination, and “Sweet Lies” (Kanako Itō) reminded me of the Ashton Williams character. In the third book (“Nothing in the World”) —  I was listening to Hikaru Utada’s Hatsukoi album a lot during the second and third books, so “Yūnagi” bilaterally bridged the conclusion to the story, it became an accidental anthem for the inevitably bittersweet ending. The main song that reminded me of Nephthys during her remembrance of the past were “Static” and “Every Other Ghost” (Mili), I have been really obsessed with the Millennium Mother album for years, so Mili has been a big influence on certain creative aesthetics that I like.

Q: Writing rituals?

A: I just write what comes to mind. I don’t write notes, because keeping them around is confusing, if I get a great idea — I just outline the premise and then write down everything I can remember. If an idea is lost, it means that it wasn’t worth keeping. Good ideas are the ones you obsess over. I knew that I should start writing this series, when I started becoming more engrossed with my original characters than some of my favorite fictional characters of years past.

Q: How do you make the covers for your books?

A: They are just photographs. The cover for the first series is a picture that @SakihataLily took during a beautiful day. I decided to use it, after asking for their permission, because just looking at the scenery gave me a sense of emotional catharsis. The spin-off series cover was a picture that I, myself, took. I was stuck in traffic on a highway road and this vehicle’s engine just exploded and there were plumes of smoke rising up, I thought that I would use it for something someday. I’m not a very good artist, the only things that I’ve ever been told that I’m extremely good at is writing and singing, so I just took the indie route. I hope to start a fundraising page, after I code a BETA version of the visual novel that I’m working on… I would love to see my characters come to life, with the help of a talented artist.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for the 真柏Project universe?

Note: The characters in 真柏Project, mean “jun • ni • pa”

A: It’s weird, last March, I was at a very low point in my life. Some very bad things happened, followed by indecent behavior from people I though were nice, normal people — not only did the betrayal occur, but I witnessed very heinous crimes that shook me and made it so that I could never see sex-trafficking adverts, without feeling sick to my stomach. Not only that, but a cruel display from people who are so wealthy, that they frequently get away with murder. I began questioning whether Biblical “goodness” was something deemed beneath people of a certain status. It was a full-blown crisis. And so, I was forced to question my immediate reality, so it was weird. One morning, I just woke up and the entire trilogy was written in my head. All three books. It was like God had handed me the blueprint, answers to my concurrent anguish, and I just ran with it. Some of the plot points and characters were archetypes that I had experimented with before, but… in that one day, I suddenly knew exactly what I wanted to make the story about.

Q: What techniques do you use while writing your characters?

A: I have always been more of an introvert, so sometimes I just mimic how I’ve seen average people interact with one another. I also employ the use of the “Kinoko Nasu” approach and transform my ordinary characters into legendary beacons of light (or darkness). I often like to show how an extraordinary an average person can become, with the power of sheer will and an indomitable human spirit.

Q: What already fictional world would you compare you story to?

A: I originally got the idea got the idea for the underpass from an area that exists in a Colorado Mountain range — a mysterious, guarded tunnel. It sparked my creativity, I think the idea of wise elders came from my fixation of the 東方Project franchise. I would say that the rest was a culmination of the thousands of media productions that I’ve consumed over the years. When I originally proposed the original idea, seven or eight years ago, a friend told me that it reminded him of “Pan’s Labyrinth” — I still haven’t watched that film, but the twin (“doppelgänger”) motif came from the South Korean, psychological horror film: “A Tale of Two Sisters” (2003) and Luna’s conception was partially formed from the egg motif in “Kara no Shōjo” and somewhat due to Winslow Leach’s bizarre helmet-mask in “Phantom of the Paradise” (1974).

Sneak-Peak into “Suffer, My Desire”

I decided to just preview the new main character (“Aria Adler”) VS the old (“Juniper Jamison”), in this segment. Juniper is a fiery, force-of-nature but Aria is much more subdued and apprehensive, she’s more pragmatic in that sense. Juniper would blindly punch her way out of the enclosure of a cube, whereas, Aria would contemplate the dimensions of the object, before attempting to escape. Aria is a realist and has to carry the burden of re-living the memories of both the dead and living, through anamnesis. She attempts to live a humble and modest life, and dissects mysteries and crimes for the betterment of those around her. Her biggest flaw is that she puts others before herself and smolders in the confinement of her own thoughts, she has a difficult time asking others for help. Whereas, Juniper’s two major flaws were a) her impulsivity (which also saves her, in many instances) and b) her tendency to want to run away from hard truths, especially, if they involved her past or self-actualization. Juniper Jamison is a reckless savior and Aria Adler is a problem-solving, savant. 

📚Luna’s Mini-Book Review Series ①

Preface: I have decided to do a mini-book review series, where I’ll publish a paragraph or two of thoughts on the books I read each week! I haven’t made a proper announcement about this yet, but the “真柏Project” Facebook page recently reached 150 followers! I was a bit taken aback, because when I first launched the page, I wasn’t even able to give it an individual “@” because it had less than the minimum amount of 20 followers: https://www.facebook.com/JunipaProject

Thank you! 🙇

Note: I had planned on posting the book review yesterday, but the shockingly positive verdict in court and the anticipation of going in made me feel so exhausted — that I collapsed in bed as soon as I passed my apartment’s doorstep! I have more hope for the situation now, the presiding judge seems more compassionate and fair than the stand-in from last time. I feel endless gratitude for God’s grace and for all the prayers that have been said for us, I think things are starting to be restored to the way that they were before.

I wrote a post about it yesterday on Facebook, but I plan to start doing a rotation with one classic tome, one contemporary book, and one light novel each week, so that there’s a little bit of a variety in the selection: https://www.facebook.com/100034676494444/posts/546296056536273

⑴ The Mystic Archives of Dantalian, Volume 1

Alternate Title: Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian

Author: Gakuto Mikumo

Rating: ★★★★☆

Spoilers: No

Mr. Mikumo’s bibliography includes:

• Asura Cryin’

• Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

• Metal Gear Survive

• Strike the Blood

• Zettai Karen Children

Synopsis: This story takes place in England after World War I. After the death of his grandfather, Hugh Anthony Disward, also known as Huey, receives a mysterious key and according to his will, must take custody of the Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian in order to inherit his estate and all his possessions. Upon meeting Dalian, a child living at the estate, he learns that she is the guardian of the Archives which contain forbidden knowledge stored in thousands of magic books called “Phantom Books” (幻書, gensho). Upon agreeing to become Dalian’s new Keykeeper, Huey joins her into investigating incidents regarding people misusing the power of the Phantom Books, most of them with tragic consequences, and using his power as Keykeeper to seal the power of the Phantom Books and restore order to the area.

The first volume reads like an Agatha Christie murder mystery, except with demonology and magic. Dalian is to Hercule Poirot, what Huey is to Arthur Hastings. The hapless sidekick to a goth-loli genius, who is both a limitless library of esoteric knowledge and a human embodiment the demon from the “Ars Goetia”﹣Dantalion, hence the title!

The high points and sheer mystique in this book coasted along like a sine wave, up until Mabel and Hal are introduced in “The Book Burners” chapter, their intrigue was not nearly as interesting as the dynamic between Huey and Dalian. If I were the author, in this instance, I probably would have introduced them in an arc with the protagonists; rather than sepaerately. I would suggest this series if you are a fan of either Agatha Christie or Black Butler.


⑴ “Heh,” Graham sneered amusedly. “Books are splendid. You have to use your head to read them, and reading makes you hungry. Did you know that the weight of a human brain makes about 2% of the whole body, but uses up 18% of the daily required calories? Now, the hungrier you are, the more delicious dishes you can eat.”

“You read books… for the sake of eating?” Huey asked in a jesting tone.

But his dialogue partner nodded without hesitation and added, “Surely… and the same applies to my muscles. If you increase your basal metabolism by training your muscles, the amount of needed food will grow, too. Gourmet food is the greatest pleasure under the sun. Thus, I spare neither trouble nor expense.”

⑵ A maze was unfolding before his eyes.

This maze was made up of countless bookshelves, crammed full of books.

Endlessly overlapping hexagonal corridors with no end were going through it.

In place of walls, one could see nothing but thousands upon thousands of the backs of books.

There were no windows or doors in this maze.

Even when leaning one’s body over edge of the stone spiral staircase, one could merely see endless corridors of bookshelves.

The corridors were drawing a light spiral and overlapped each other in several layers from the bottom to the top, holding a giant amount of books. It seemed almost like the Tower of Babel that had been lost during the age of the Bible.

This was the tomb of dark and bizarre knowledge.

And it epitomised the universe itself.

⑶ “Dalian, did you know that possessors of the ‘Book of Wisdom’ become like that…?” asked Huey while trudging forth.

“That’s why I told you to let it be,” grumbled Dalian before she continued with a pitying sigh, “Those who are really intelligent realize before challenging something that the odds are against them. If you don’t want to lose, just don’t try to do anything in the first place.”

“I see”, murmured Huey, “Come to think of it, I get the impression that most of the memorable individuals in history weren’t geniuses, but just stubborn and persistent.”

Dalian let out a mischievous giggle and looked at him.

“Rejoice. It seems you aren’t completely hopeless.”

Reference to Dantalion in the Ars Goetia chapter of “The Lesser Key of Solomon”

⑴ The Seventy-first Spirit is Dantalion. He is a Duke Great and Mighty, appearing in the Form of a Man with many Countenances, all Men’s and Women’s Faces; and he hath a Book in his right hand. His Office is to teach all Arts and Sciences unto any; and to declare the Secret Counsel of any one; for he knoweth the Thoughts of all Men and Women, and can change them at his Will. He can cause Love, and show the Similitude of any person, and show the same by a Vision, let them be in what part of the World they Will. He governeth 36 Legions of Spirits; and this is his Seal, which wear thou, etc.

⑵ A Passage to India

Author: E.M. Forster

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Spoilers: No

Mr. Forster’s bibliography includes:

Where Angels Fear to Tread (1905)

The Longest Journey (1907)

A Room with a View (1908)

Howards End (1910)

A Passage to India (1924)

Maurice (written in 1913–14, published posthumously in 1971)

Synopsis: The novel opens with Adela Quested and Mrs. Moore arriving at India. Adela is to marry Ronny Heaslop, Mrs. Moore’s son and the city magistrate. While visiting a mosque one night, Mrs. Moore meets Dr. Aziz, an Indian physician. The two become close friends. At a later visit, Dr. Aziz agrees to take Mrs. Moore, Adela, Cyril Fielding (a pro-Indian teacher at a local school) and Narayan Godbole (a Hindu-Brahmin professor) on a visit to the Marabar Caves.

This novel, in part, tackles the prejudices that the English had against Indian natives in the early 19th century — and the other portion of the text reads like a travelogue that both admonishes and acculturates the reader to the people and lands of India. It also brings to question what would happen when harmful false allegations were made against a man that is seen as less than human, during the British Raj’s stifling reign. It is a simple, yet beautiful story — the enigmatic Aziz being the pinnacle of both the conflict and intrigue in the tale!


⑴ And though sometimes at the back of his mind he felt that Fielding had made sacrifices for him, it was now all confused with his genuine hatred of the English. “I am Indian at last,” he thought, standing motionless in the rain.

⑶ S (Ring #5)

Author: Kōji Suzuki

Rating: ★★★★☆

Spoilers: Yes

Mr. Suzuki’s bibliography includes:

• Ring trilogy

• Dark Water

• Paradise

• Promenade of the Gods

• Edge

Synopsis: 25 years after the events of Spiral, Takanori Ando, graphic designer at Studio Oz, a CG production company, is dating high school teacher Akane Maruyama, who is pregnant with his child, planning to marry her soon to avoid exposing the fact that he impregnated her out of wedlock. Company president Yoneda gives Takanori a USB drive containing a suicide video that went viral a month ago, asking him to reconfigure it for a possible future project. Upon copying the video into his laptop, he realizes that the video changes slightly; the suicidal man’s body is positioned in a lower position than the original, revealing his neck. When he asks Yoneda about the video’s origin, Yoneda tells him that it was given to him by Kiyomi Sakata, producer of the latest film that Studio Oz is working on. Meanwhile, Akane feels stalked by a figure. During an encounter at the high school where she works, she faints and is taken to a hospital, where she briefly hallucinates meeting her deceased mother.

“S” is part of the “New Ring” series — taking place twenty-one years after the end of “Spiral”… a discliamer, I haven’t been able to get a copy of “Birthday” (Ring #4). Apparently, the Barnes and Noble warehouse was out of stock, so I assume that not many copies were printed after Ring’s horror heyday. We will probably buy one off of Amazon or something, one of these days! I don’t think it is required to understand “S” — nothing seemed confusing or out of place, but from what I read, the only corollary content was a short story, titled “Happy Birthday”, that takes place after the events in “Loop”…

The first half of the novel doesn’t feel like a Ring sequel, it’s about the clone of main character from Spiral’s son and his pregnant wife encountering a deadly serial murderer. Takanori realizes that his dad has been recanting the Japanese legend of Momotaro to keep him from learning the truth about his conception through artificial means. In the climax, Ryūji (the most pivotal and fascinating character in the original trilogy), rescues Akane (Takanori’s wife) from a deranged killer and reveals that he’s her father from another timeline!

This moment is touching and if it couldn’t get any more sentimental, Takanori remembers meeting Ryūji as a little boy, with his father on the beach! I initially thought that this was going to be filler, in the post-Sadako/ring virus apocalypse, but it was alarmingly touching and cathartic! I hope that Ring #6: Tide (2013) gets its due translation debut.


Right, even if the person who wanted to avert the horror of the ring virus intended to take responsibility for failing to fully cleanse the world of it, he couldn’t have plotted to kill the Sadakos, whose only crime was to be born. That was where the conflict between good and evil arose.


⑴ Fate/Zero, Volume 1

❖ Translation on baka-tsuki, if you want to read along: https://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/index.php?title=Fate/Zero

⑵ The Colette Omnibus

❖ Includes Chéri, The Last of Chéri, Gigi, The Vagabond, and The Shackle

⑶ In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day (Mark Batterson)

Short Animation﹣Juniper

❖ I was too tired to write a coherent commentary for this week’s animation back when I originally uploaded it, but this piece is basically a four frame expression test. Not as fluid and vibrant as the Nephthys one, but I thought I would experiment with facial reactions. From observing sakuga for many years, I know it’s easy to fall into the uncanny valley terrain with expressions. I think this one turned out pretty well, despite my initial trepidation and lack of experience.

New Design for the 真柏Project series! ⑶

Elizabeth Gardner from Juniper’s Tree.

❖ I originally just wanted to make Liz a masculine girl with short, curly hair and a beret, after being greatly inspired﹣because of Mikiko Kawamoto’s iconic look in the Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman OVA. I think the final design gives off more of a Venti (from Genshin Impact) feel instead, though.

Mikiko Kawamoto in Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman

First Attempt at Animation ﹣ Nephthys

I started working on a menu screen PV for my visual novel and my first animation is the sum total of 25 frames; I originally had around 40 outlined, but many of them ended up looking awkward in the final product (or I trashed them during pre-production). After this, today and Sunday, I’m going doing a brand new chara design for Elizabeth Gardner. And, on Monday and Tuesday, I’m going to make a demo video for the visual novel’s gameplay, with a short sample from my first book!

I had two court dates this week, so my schedule was a little cramped, but I should be able to double up and do my normal work-load this coming week! I’ll give an overview of my goals on Tuesday, and when I am finally able to puchase a keyboard, I should be able to write reviews regularly again. Despite all adversity ﹣ I am very, very grateful to be able to create art and program my visual novel in the meantime. I have been posting extra content on Facebook; if you are interested﹣here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/luna.mcconnell.54

THANK YOU for continuing to stick with my blog, I have endless gratitude towards my fellow bloggers and readers!

If anyone is interested in reading my book before I adapt it into a visual novel, the first two are free to read on FictionPress: https://www.fictionpress.com/~eggheadluna

To read reviews and check out the book listings on GoodReads, go here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/54230982

Back! (and new visual for my new book series)

Hey, everyone! I was recently able to acquire an iOS device, since my laptop is still in the police forensics lab. After the court cases are over, I’ll explain everything that has transpired. The tl;dr version of events is that my spouse was accused of domestic violence by an estranged relative of mine and so our apartment was ransacked by the authorities, and they ended up taking my laptop (to examine it for “evidence”). I live in Colorado, so the domestic violence laws are more Orwellian than in most states.

NOTICE TO VOTERS: While something might look good on paper, it is always important to look at the flipside of ideological preferences and think of how legislature may be abused by unsound people. When domestic violence laws are so strict that someone can be taken into custody without evidence, on only the basis of accusations, there’s something severely wrong with the system.

I’ll explain more after the court case is settled.

Traumatizing situations aside, I am not able to do long form writing yet — but, at the very least, I am able to give a small update and let everyone know what has been going on. Since I have a smart device, I am going to be working on pixel art designs, as well as laying the groundwork for the conception of my first visual novel. All of my thoughts and efforts have been on that, for the time being.

The good news is that I have been doing as much reading as I can (even got around to reading the entire ESV of the Bible). After re-visiting one of my favorite novels, John Fowles’ The Magus, I was inspired to write a much longer novel for The Folklorist than I had originally planned. Since I have been reading many other mystery novels, I have decided to drop the Suffer My Desire headliner and simply subtitle each tome with: Aria Adler #1, or Aria Adler #2, etc.

As of right now, I am penning an outline for 500 days of writing — when I begin my new novel, I’m going to write under the hashtag of #500DaysofMonét. The project will take over a year, but I want to put everything I have into my new series and see how much I can accomplish. The daily word count will be 3K words and by the end of the journey, I will have a 1,500,000 word manuscript. Not sure if I will publish it all as one book, or in separate parts — we will see.

Prior to this arrangement, my longest book was my second publication, Juniper’s Tree: Lovers, which had 73,421 words. The Folklorist should be released in Fall 2022, unless things get crazier than they already have been. Until then, I will solely focus on publishing a visual novel adaptation of my first series: Juniper’s Tree (and outlining the new narrative).

I’m going to try and catch up with all of the posts I have missed on WordPress! I have missed all of you guys so much; it’s been a hellish four months! I look forward to reading all of your articles and appreciate the kindness and continued support.

🙇 Truly, thank you all~

Extra — Social Media Updates: I now have a Facebook and a page for the 真柏Project series. Feel free to add my personal account, Luna McConnell — I might post blog archives on there in the near future!

Prototype Design for an Original Character 2

Here’s a sprite that I made for the main character of my first series — Juniper (真柏Project, Juniper’s Tree). I describe her hair in the novel as vibrant, like an actual flame, so I am glad that I was able to capture that in the visual rendering! I have made some improvements on the Nephthys sprite, too, but I might wait until I release the demo version of the visual novel, to reveal their final designs!

Saint Seiya: Meiō Hades ~ Elysion is a ★★★☆☆︱The Final Showdown

In a race against time, the Saints must save Saori and keep Hades from plunging the universe into the Great Eclipse! This addition to story is less climactic than the explosive “Inferno” arc, but the narrative does its job and fills in all of the open plot holes, though it feels like it’s dragged out for a little bit too long. Pandora’s past is finally revealed and her arc ends with the audience getting closure about the purpose of her existence in the series!

⚠️ This review of Saint Seiya: Meiō Hades ~ Elysion will contain spoilers, this segment with be the third part out of the three Hades anime adaptations ⚠️


Synopsis: After the 12 Gold Saints sacrifice their lives to destroy the Wailing Wall, The Bronze Saints enter the deepest realm of the Underworld, Elysion, where they face off against Hades’s two most powerful servants: The Twin Gods, Hypnos and Thanatos, before they can reach Hades for the final battle.

This season starts off with a bang, with Hyōga facing off against a villain that rivals the intrigue of Pandora and Hades himself, Minos! And then, Pandora’s past, which was teased in previous chapters is finally brought to light, we find out that Pandora has become so wicked because after the reincarnation of Hades appeared in the castle of the underworld, all of her attendants and family were slaughtered upon his arrival. This also explains her half lover, partial mother-type of fixation on Hades! The omen of Hades was originally bred when Pandora opened the seal that contained Thanatos and Hypnos, the gods of Death and Sleep. It’s interesting because the two of them play a pivotal role in “The Lost Canvas” series as well.

Thanatos then murders Pandora, after she betrays Hades to help Ikki. During the cast’s rescue of Athena, Shaina, Jabu, and Marin (and many others) come to help out — seeing those two in the narrative again was a nice throwback to fans of the original series! Seiya ends up defeating Hades, saving Saori, to prevent the world from being purged into the Great Eclipse! It’s a nice conclusion to the “Meiō Hades” continuum — though, wrapping the story up in “Inferno” wouldn’t have hurt either! Truth be told, “Elysion” might have been slightly better if it had been a six-episode OVA, rather than a full-length, thirteen episode saga! 


Luna’s Favorite Works by Each Respective Creator = ✅

Tomoharu Katsumata (director of the “Inferno” and “Elysion” arcs), notable works:

  • Anderson Dōwa: Ningyo-hime ✅
  • Captain Future
  • Cutey Honey ✅
  • Dai Yamato Zero-gō
  • Daikū Maryū Gaiking
  • Daisōgen to Hakuba (“The Princess and the White Horse”)
  • Devilman (1972)
  • Entaku no Kishi Monogatari: Moero Arthur
  • Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
  • Hashire Melos
  • Kagayake! Yūjō no V Sign
  • Magnerobo Ga-Keen
  • Mazinger Z ✅
  • Nagagutsu Sanjūshi
  • Ningen Kakumei
  • Saint Seiya: Meiō Hades (series)
  • Saleryman Kintarō
  • Uchū Senkan Yamato: Kanketsu-hen (“Space Battleship Yamato: The Final Chapter”)
  • UFO Robo Grendizer
  • Waga Seishun no Arcadia (“My Youth in Arcadia”)
  • Yamato yo Towa ni (“Be Forever Yamato”)
  • Yukiguni no Ōji-sama
  • Yume Senshi Wingman

Commentary: While Mr. Katsumata’s had some shows that haven’t particularly resonated with me, like “Waga Seishun no Arcadia” and “Devilman (1972)” — Tomoharu Katsumata’s style of directing is well-suited to a Saint Seiya series, rife will slow panoramic shots and dazzling portrait images of characters fighting in a blaze of glory, I think that Mr. Katsumata was the right guy to bring in for the introduction of the malevolent Hades character! Like the colorful tragedies in “Anderson Dōwa: Ningyo-hime” — Shun Andromeda descent into the shoes of Hades was done with style and a dense atmosphere! I appreciate the level of craftsmanship put into each subsequent scene, classic director! Impeccable work on the series, the last two chapters of “Meiō Hades” feel as though Mr. Katsumata was genuinely passionate about the Saint Seiya franchise!

Good Seiyū Work = ✅

Really Enjoyed the Seiyū’s Performance = ✅✅

One of Luna’s Favorite Performances OF ALL TIME = ✅✅✅

Masakazu Morita as Seiya Pegasus, notable roles:

  • Ki-ja (“White Dragon”), Akatsuki no Tona
  • Claire Stanfield, Baccano
  • Kazuya Hiramaru, Bakuman. (series) ✅
  • Eiji Hoshimiya, Big Order ✅
  • Ichigo Kurosaki, Bleach (series) ✅✅✅
  • Shōsaku Katsura, Bungō Stray Dogs ✅✅
  • Whis, Dragon Ball Super
  • Akio Fuyuki, Interlude
  • Yukari Mishakuji, K
  • Xīn Lǐ, Kingdom (series)
  • Shirō Hodzumi and Kazuki Hihara, Kin’iro no Corda: Blue♪Sky (series)
  • Toshiya Satō, Major (series)
  • Alfred Visconti, Marginal Prince: Gekkeiju no Ōji-tachi
  • Itsumi Ryōgoku, Miracle☆Train: Oedo-sen e Yōkoso
  • Auel Neider, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny
  • Yakumo Yoshikawa, Onmyō Taisenki
  • Pod, Pokémon Best Wishes!
  • Kotarō Tennōji, Rewrite ✅
  • Ryūji Takane, Ring ni Kakero
  • Keiji Maeda, Sengoku Basara (series)
  • Azazel, Shingeki no Bahamut (series) ✅✅✅
  • Christopher Thorndyke, Sonic X
  • Barnaby Brooks Jr. (“Bunny”), Tiger & Bunny ✅✅✅

Commentary: Mr. Morita did a splendid job in his rendition of Seiya Pegasus! Though I am more used to him playing moody characters like Azazel (“Shingeki no Bahamut”) and Barnaby Brooks Jr. (“Tiger & Bunny”), rather than a tried and true protagonist like ※Seiya! Incredible work, another great rendition of a classic character!

 ※ Even Ichigo Kurosaki is a bit of a grump!

Takahiro Sakurai as Dragon Shiryū, notable roles:

  • Haseo, .hack —series ✅
  • Takashi Hayashida, 3-Gatsu no Lion ✅
  • Ryō, 7 Seeds
  • Blue Knight, Accel World ✅
  • Soichirō Sena, Active Raid
  • Yū Tosaki, Ajin
  • Cutthroat, Akudama Dive
  • Atsumu Matsuyuki (“Yukiatsu”), Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. (“AnoHana”) ✅
  • Shinobu Kujiin, Babylon ✅
  • Yūki Momose, Battle Spirits
  • Griffith, Berserk ✅ ✅ ✅
  • Jirō Mochizuki, Black Blood Brothers
  • Killy, Blame!
  • Izuru Kira, Bleach ✅
  • Kabuto Hanadori, Boku no Tonari ni Ankoku Hakaishin ga Imasu.
  • Bizon Gerafil, Buddy Complex
  • Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, Bungō Stray Dogs ✅
  • Hiroki Kamikura, Canvas 2
  • Suzaku Kururugi, Code Geass ✅ ✅
  • Haruhiko Tsugayama, Copihan
  • Joe Shimamura, Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Solider
  • Yū Kanada, D. Gray-man ✅
  • Leon Kuwata, Danganronpa
  • Ryūsuke Higo, Detective Conan ✅
  • Mono Ureu, Devil Survivor 2 the Animation
  • Ruki Mukami, Diabolik Lovers
  • Kazuya Miyuki, Diamond no Ace
  • Tentomon, Digimon Adventure ✅
  • Kōshirō Izumi and Tentomon, Digimon Adventure 02 ✅
  • Dorulumon, Digimon Xros Wars
  • Yō’ichi Fujitani, Dive!!
  • Haine Rammsteiner, Dogs: Bullets & Carnage
  • Shirasu Kinjō, Donten ni Warau (“Laughing Under the Clouds”)
  • Sawa-sensei, Dō ni ka Naru Hibi
  • Yūto Takamine, Eien no Aseila
  • Sting Eucliffe, Fairy Tail
  • Merlin, Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majū Sensen Babylonia ✅ ✅
  • Saber (“Saver”), Fate/Prototype ✅
  • Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children ✅
  • Ayame Sōma, Fruits Basket (2019)
  • Mitsuya Majime, Fune wo Amu (“The Great Passage”)
  • Kazuki Endō, Gakuen Heaven
  • Shun Ukiya, Gate Keepers
  • Hiroto Amagiwa, Geneshaft
  • Hikari Genji, Genji Monogatari Sennenki (“The Tale of Genji”)
  • Orpherus Fürst von Marmelade Nahe Görz, Ginyū Mokushiroku Meine Liebe
  • Yūji Kazami, Grisaia no Kaijitsu ✅ ✅ ✅
  • Kazuya Watari, Guardian Hearts
  • Inugami, Gugure! Kokkuri-san ✅
  • Akiteru Tsukishima, Haikyū! ✅
  • Dande, Pokémon: Hakumei no Tsubasa (“Twilight Wings”) ✅ ✅
  • Suefumi Ono, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de (“Beyond the Stream of Time”)
  • Alzeid, Hatenkō Yūgi (“Dazzle”)
  • Hiroyuki Sogabe, Hatsukoi Limited.
  • Kanade Takahashi, Hatsukoi Monster
  • Noboru Take, Hibike! Euphonium ✅
  • Enza, Historical
  • Richard Ranashinha de Vulpian, Hōsekishō Richard-shi no Nazo Kantei (“The Case Files of Jeweler Richard”)
  • Ichitaka Seto, I”s
  • Jōji Minami (“Tekkaman”), Infini-T Force ✅ ✅
  • Jin Tsurasawa, Innocent Venus ✅ 
  • Kazuhito Harumi, Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyō (“Dog & Scissors”)
  • Rockman X, Irregular Hunter X: The Day of Sigma (“Megaman X”)
  • Rohan Kishibe, JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken Part 4: Diamond wa Kudakenai (“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable”) ✅ ✅ ✅
  • Tazaki, Joker Game ✅
  • Misaki Takahashi, Junjō Romantica ✅ ✅ ✅
  • Ryūkō Mōten, Jūshin Enbu: Hero Tales
  • Izumo Kusanagi, K ✅
  • Yoshihiko Nagai, Kaikan Phrase
  • Leon Oswald, Kaleido Star
  • Kaizō Katsu, Katte ni Kaizō
  • Giyū Tomioka, Kimetsu no Yaiba ✅ ✅ ✅
  • Kyōsuke Kindaichi, Kitsutsuki Tanteidokoro (“Woodpecker Detective’s Office”)
  • Kiyomaro Takamine, Konjiki no Gash Bell!! (“Zatch Bell!”)
  • Shōgo Mikadono, Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imōto ga Iru! (“My Little Sister Is Among Them!”)
  • Claude Faustus, Kuroshitsuji II (“Black Butler II”) ✅ ✅
  • Yūri Shibuya, Kyō kara Maō! ✅
  • Krusty, Log Horizon ✅
  • Ja’far, Magi ✅
  • Ri’ichi, Miura, Mahōtsukai no Yome (“The Ancient Magus’ Bride”) ✅ ✅
  • Loki, Matantei Loki Ragnarok ✅
  • Honey, Micchiri Neko
  • Reigen Arataka, Mob Psycho ✅ ✅
  • Fareed McGillis, Kidō Senshi Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ✅ ✅
  • Meme Oshino, Monogatari —series ✅ ✅ ✅
  • Kusuriuri, Mononoke ✅ ✅ ✅
  • Griamore, Nanatsu no Taizai
  • Sasori, Naruto: Shippūden ✅
  • Yūta Sakurai, Net-jū no Susume (“Recovery of an MMO Junkie”) ✅
  • Yūta Otabe, Niji-iro Hotaru: Eien no Natsuyasumi
  • Rui Sagisawa, Libra of Nil Admirari
  • Zombieman, One Punch Man ✅
  • Kyōya Sata, Ōkami Shōjo to Kuro Ōji (“Wolf Girl & Black Prince”)
  • Shun Kurosawa, Ore-sama Kingdom
  • Osomatsu Matsuno, Osomatsu-san ✅ ✅
  • Kei Agemaki, Otome Yōkai Zakuro (“Girl Demon Zakuro”) ✅
  • Jircniv Rune Farlord El Nix, Overlord —series ✅
  • Ferid Bathory, Owari no Seraph ✅
  • Susumu Yamazaki, Peace Maker Kurogane
  • Vlad Garfunkel, Phantom in the Twilight
  • Zwei, Phantom the Animation ✅
  • Rook Banjō Crossfield, Phi Brain: Kami to Puzzle ✅
  • Fakir, Princess Tutu ✅ ✅
  • Shugo Makishima, Psycho-Pass ✅ ✅ ✅
  • Kogorō Akechi, Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace ✅ ✅ ✅
  • Shin, Saint Beast
  • Dragon Shiryū, Saint Seiya: Meiō Hades-hen ✅ ✅
  • Minos Griffon, Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas ✅ ✅
  • Takashi Kamiyama, Sakigake!! Cromartie Kōkō ✅ ✅
  • Jin Mitaka, Sakura-sō no Pet na Kanojo ✅ ✅
  • Ya’ichi, Saraiya Goyō (“House of Five Leaves”) ✅ ✅
  • Taishi Ichimiya, Servant x Service
  • Go Ichimonji, Shin Getter Robo tai Neo Getter Robo
  • Sasame, Shin Shirayuki-hime Densetsu Prétear
  • Lucifer, Shingeki no Bahamut ✅ ✅
  • Shirokuma, Shirokuma Cafe ✅
  • Satoshi Isshiki, Shokugeki no Sōma ✅ ✅
  • Uki Isohata, Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru (“And Yet The Town Moves”) ✅
  • Yamato Kurosawa, Sukitte Ii na yo.
  • Haru Kurabayashi, Switch
  • Uta, Tokyo Ghoul ✅ 
  • Yūdai, Tokyo Marble Chocolate
  • Coco, Toriko ✅ ✅
  • Yasaburō Shimogamo, Uchōten Kazoku (“The Eccentric Family”) ✅ ✅ ✅
  • Isuzu Ichinose, Uchū Senkan Tiramisù ✅
  • Luka Crosszeria, Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru (“The Betrayal Knows My Name”)
  • Ōgi, Utawarerumono: Isuwari no Kamen ✅ ✅
  • Ai, Yū☆Gi☆Ō! VRAINS
  • Guiche de Gramont, Zero no Tsukaima
  • Bit Cloud, Zoids: New Century
  • Shito Tachibana, Zombie-Loan

Commentary: I was shocked that Mr. Sakurai was the one the reprised the role of Dragon Shiryū! Yes, Saint Seiya is a huge franchise, but it doesn’t have the same kind of modern accreditation as something like Lupin III does, so to see such a famous and young actor filling the shoes of Shiryū shocked me! As you can tell by Takahiro Sakurai’s filmography, he’s a really talented seiyū, so it goes without saying that he was brilliant as Shiryū! I would compare the role to Kusuriuri (“Mononoke”) and Giyū Tomioka (“Kimetsu no Yaiba”), because his performance is very stoic and subdued. Amazing work, Mr. Sakurai is doing the late Hirotaka Suzuoka justice!

Yūta Kasuya as Shun Andromeda, notable roles:

  • Oren and Kamioren, Super Dragon Ball Heroes
  • Gokotai, Tōken Ranbu ✅✅

Commentary: Casting Mr. Kasuya as Shun Andromeda was a great choice for the character! I have only ever heard him in “Tōken Ranbu” — but the character is very youthful sounding and cute, and I think that translates well into Shun… even though this is the season where Shun transforms into the diabolical Hades, lord of the underworld! Powerful acting as the character! 

Hiroaki Miura as Hyōga Cygnus, notable roles:

  • Slade, Bōken Ō Beet
  • Zarbon and Ganos, Dragon Ball Kai and Super
  • Aikka, Oban Star-Racers
  • Matagu Shidō, Onegai☆Teacher and Onegai☆Twins ✅
  • Shūsuke Chitose, Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai: Hadairo Ritsu Kyūwari Zō!?
  • Dione Whip Snake Plasma, Saint Seiya Omega ✅
  • Kōjirō Shindō, Seikaisuru Kado (series)
  • Wataru Minakami, Sister Princess: Re Pure
  • Shigure, Taishō Mebiusline: Chicchai-san

Commentary: I haven’t heard many roles that Hiroaki Miura has performed in, but his work as Hyōga Cygnus is actually pretty dang good! I would say that I slightly prefer Hyōga’s original voice, but Mr. Miura does well with the shoes that he has to fill. Great job!

Katsuyuki Konishi as Phoenix Ikki, notable roles:

  • Sakaki, .hack (series)
  • Semimaru Asai, 7 Seeds
  • Chiaki Hanazono, Ahiru no Sora
  • Sakaki, Akagami no Shirayuki-hime ✅
  • Bulat, Akame ga Kill ✅
  • Jūzō Shima, Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujōō-hen ✅
  • Ohika, Arata Kangatari
  • Leo, Arte
  • Tōya, Ayashi no Ceres ✅✅✅
  • Toraji Ishida and Red Blade Braver, Bamboo Blade
  • Tatsumi Oga, Beelzebub
  • Bem, Bem (2019) ✅✅
  • Shūhei Hisagi and Keigo Asano, Bleach ✅
  • Haji, Blood+ ✅✅
  • Yoshiyuki Terada and Spinel Sun, Cardcaptor Sakura ✅✅
  • Ioan Malcal, Code Geass: Akito the Exiled
  • Kenji Kazama, D-Frag!
  • Kenji Dobashi, Dear Boys
  • Kaburagi, Deca-Dance
  • Reiji Sakamaki, Diabolik Lovers
  • Ataru Chūō, Dorei-ku the Animation
  • Ginyu, Dragon Ball Kai and Super
  • Tom Tanaka, Durarara!! (series) ✅
  • Takeru Noto, Enen no Shōbōtai (“Fire Force”)
  • Laxus Dreyar and Yury Dreyar, Fairy Tail (series) ✅
  • Rock Volcan, Gaist Crusher
  • Otonoshin Koito, Golden Kamuy
  • Hiroki Kurokawa, Haikyū!! ✅
  • Genzō Shibata, Hataage! Kemono Michi
  • Kaede Nonohara, Hayate no Gotoku!
  • Blood Dupre, Heart no Kuni no Alice: Wonderful Wonder World
  • America and Canada, Hetalia Axis Powers
  • Masamune Matsumoto, High Score
  • Sōsuke Yaotome, IDOLiSH7 ✅✅
  • Diavolo, JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken Part 5: Ōgon no Kaze 
  • Renato Socci, Jormungand ✅
  • Ōdanna, Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi
  • Kenta Usui, Karin ✅
  • Hank, Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi e
  • Tsumugu Kinagase, Kill la Kill ✅
  • Tengen Uzui, Kimetsu no Yaiba ✅✅
  • Ritsu Kisaragi, Kin’iro no Corda: Blue♪Sky
  • Shinobu Ōsaki, Kin’iro no Corda: Primo Passo (series)
  • Shiori Shibuya, Kyō kara Maō!
  • Refuto, Kyōkai no Rinne (series)
  • Sōbi Agatsuma, Loveless ✅✅✅
  • Ozma Lee, Macross Frontier ✅✅✅
  • Louie, Mahō Senshi Louie
  • Johann Trinity, Mobile Suit Gundam 00
  • Char Aznable, Mobile Suit Gundam-san ✅
  • Taiyō Shirahama, Monster Strike
  • Dreyfus, Nanatsu no Taizai ✅
  • Tanktop Master, One Punch Man ✅
  • Thunder (“Zapdos”), Freezer (“Articuno”), and Raikō, Pokémon ✅✅
  • Takehito Morokuzu, Prison School
  • Hiromitsu Hamawatari (“Hammer”), Pyū to Fuku! Jaguar: Ima, Fuki ni Yukimasu
  • Yūji Kenmi, Sacred Seven
  • Ikki Phoenix, Saint Seiya: Meiō Hades ✅✅
  • Kyō Mibu, Samurai Deeper Kyō
  • Masamune Takano, Sekai’ichi Hatsukoi ✅✅
  • Kaoru Seo, Sekirei
  • Shingen Takeda, Sengoku Night Blood
  • Amidamaru, Shaman King ✅✅✅
  • Renbart Psyche, Shinkyoku Sōkai Polyphonica
  • Full-Time Panda and Adelie Penguin, Shirokuma Cafe ✅
  • Tōda, Shōnen Onmyōji
  • Ren Tsuruga, Skip Beat! ✅
  • Lloyd Irving, Tales of Symphonia ✅✅✅
  • Largo Lloyd, Tegamibachi ✅
  • Nobuyuki Masaki, Tenchi Muyō! Ryōōki (4th and 5th Season) ✅
  • Kamina, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ✅
  • Takahisa Kajimoto, Tennis no Ōji-sama
  • Kōtarō Amon, Tokyo Ghoul ✅
  • Convoy, Transformers Superlink
  • Fan Hyulick, Tytania
  • Kuin, Ushio to Tora (2015)
  • Oswald, Yume Ōkoku to Nemureru 100-nin no Ōji-sama: Short Stories
  • VolFogg, Yūsha-Ō GaoGaiGar ✅✅

Commentary: Mr. Konishi has a very handsome-sounding voice. I have echoed the same sentiment in my more recent “Skip Beat!” review, but Katsuyuki Konishi is very soothing to listen to. I should have mentioned him more when I wrote about “Macross Frontier” — his characterization of Ozma Lee made the character feel very congenial and helped create an attachment to the world (the voice acting in “Macross F” is SS+ tier). I also grew up loving Sōbi Agatsuma (“Loveless”), so there’s that! Amazing work, as always!

Takumi Yamazaki as Mū Aries, notable roles:

  • Yata, .hack//GU
  • Hans Kleif, A.D. Police (TV)
  • Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald, Fate/Zero ✅✅
  • Bansai Kawakami, Gintama ✅✅
  • Incognito, Hellsing ✅✅
  • M’Quve, Kidō Senshi Gundam: The Origin ✅✅
  • Tomohisa Harada, Mezzo DSA ✅
  • Tatsuhiko Shidō, Night Walker
  • Dera Mochimazzi, Tamako Market ✅✅
  • Nano, Togainu no Chi

Commentary: Now I understand why I’m one of the only people in the anime community that can stand Dera’s voice in “Tamako Market” …it’s because he is also Mū Aries! Who would have thought that they had the SAME seiyū! Despite Mr. Yamazaki not being as active in the voice acting industry, the few roles that he does pick up here and there are very striking! I remember thinking how good M’Quve’s voice sounded in “Gundam: The Origin” and now, I know why! Fantastic work, as always!

Yūji Mitsuya as Shaka Virgo, notable roles:

  • Psychogenie, CB Chara Gō Nagai World ✅✅
  • Hyōma Aoi, Chō Denji Robo Combattler V
  • Yūji Katō, Chōjin Sentai Baratack
  • Higashi no Kaioshin and Kibitoshin, Dragon Ball Z (series) ✅✅
  • Shunsuke Hayami, Gekisō! Rubenkaiser
  • Principal, Gin no Saji ✅
  • Jecy Moor, Hi-Speed Jecy
  • Sōichi Tsujii, Itō Junji: Collection ✅
  • Yuito, Kagaku Bōken-tai Tansar 5
  • Kōji Tongari, Kiteretsu Daihyakka
  • Ichirō Irabu, Kūchū Buranko ✅✅✅
  • Lowell Grey, Lady Georgie
  • Lady Black, Lupin III: Part II ✅
  • Seki Hisashi, Majo demo Steady
  • Yotsuya Tomoshige, Nanako SOS
  • Claude, Natsu e no Tobira ✅✅
  • Pica, One Piece
  • Osamu Nanjo, Ōgon Senshi Gold Lightan
  • Marg, Rokushin Gattai GodMars
  • Mime Benetnasch, Saint Seiya ✅✅✅
  • Katsudonman and Hamburger Kid, Sore Ike! Anpanman
  • Apulo, Teki wa Kaizoku: Neko-tachi no Kyōen ✅✅
  • Tetsu, Time Bokan Series: Zenderman
  • Hayato Shindō, Time Travel Tondekeman!
  • Grinpatch, Toriko
  • Tatsuya Uesugi, Touch
  • Jack, Yōsei Ō ✅✅✅
  • Majari, Yū☆Yū☆Hakusho

Commentary: Commentary: I really like Mr. Mitsuya’s voice, even though many projects that he’s been attached to over the years have either become relics or completely faded into obscurity! I really loved him as Ichirō Irabu (“Kūchū Buranko”) and Mime Benetnasch (“Saint Seiya”), among many other great performances! He has such a handsome-sounding voice! Magnificent work, as always!

Ryōtarō Okiayu as Saga and Kanon Gemini, notable roles:

  • Densuke Matsuo, Android Ana Maico 2010
  • Igor Neuhaus, Ao no Exorcist
  • Ryūjirō Kamikage, Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova
  • Maeda, Asobi Asobase ✅
  • Kaika Itsuki, Babylon ✅
  • Tiger’s Eye, Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS ✅✅
  • Byakuya Kuchiki, Bleach ✅✅
  • Issei Nishikiori, Boku no Chikyū wo Mamotte ✅✅
  • Yuji Naruo, Burn Up! Excess and Burn Up! W ✅✅✅
  • Ryūtarō Ōyama, Cardfight!! Vanguard G
  • Lanfei Hong, Chūka Ichiban!
  • Akio Furukawa (“Nagisa’s Papa”), Clannad ✅✅✅
  • Dark Mousy, D.N. Angel ✅
  • Hyoi Kagezaki, Dark Cat
  • Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott (“Ike”), Date A Live ✅
  • Shin, DD Hokuto no Ken (2013) ✅
  • Fumimaro Ayanokōji (“Royal Inspector”) and Subaru Okiya, Detective Conan ✅✅✅
  • Takuro Kimura, Di Gi Charat ✅
  • Katsuhiko Jinnai, El Hazard (series) ✅
  • Kenye Tokioka, eX-Driver
  • Kuro no Lancer (“Vlad III, The Impaler Prince”), Fate/Apocrypha ✅✅✅
  • Berserker (“Lancelot”), Fate/Zero ✅✅
  • Shigure Sōma, Fruits Basket (2001) ✅✅
  • Scar, Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) ✅✅
  • Franz Heinel, Future GPX Cyber Formula (series)
  • Shigeyuki Murakoshi, Giant Killing
  • Kazuharu Fukuyama, Girls Bravo (series)
  • Claude Winchester (“Mr. K”), Gravitation ✅
  • Akuram, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de
  • Puchū, Gomez, and Toru Watanabe — Heppoko Jikken Animation Excel♥Saga ✅
  • Meisuke Nueno, Jigoku Sensei Nube
  • Asio, Jungle wa Itsumo Hare nochi Gū (“Haré+Guu”) ✅✅
  • Kaoru Asahina, Junjō Romantica ✅✅
  • Koinosuke Odago, Jūbee-chan 2: Siberia Yagyū no Gyakushū
  • Aoyama-kun, Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun
  • Nagare Akatsuki, Kidō Senkan Nadesico
  • Kevin Mask, Kinnikuman II Sei
  • Hartia Allenford, Majutsushi Orphen and Majutsushi Orphen: Revenge
  • Shirō Amakusa Tokisada, Makai Tenshō (“Ninja Resurrection”)
  • Joshua Grant, Marginal Prince: Gekkeiju no Ōji-tachi
  • Yū Matsūra, Marmalade Boy ✅✅
  • Gorgeous, Maze☆Bakunetsu Jikū
  • Rintarō Shinjuku, Miracle Train: Chuo-sen e Yōkoso
  • Andrew Waltfeld, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
  • Treize Khushrenada, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
  • Isaku Zenpōji, Nintama Rantarō
  • Ieyasu Tokugawa, Nobunaga no Shinobi
  • Borsalino and Kaku, One Piece
  • Kei’ichi Hiiragi (“Usamimi Kamen”), Onegai My Melody
  • Touch Me, Overlord
  • Atsushi Miyagawa, Recorder to Randoseru (series)
  • Kurei, Rekka no Honō
  • Jun Kenzaki, Ring no Kakero
  • Kurō Kō, Saiunkoku Monogatari
  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Sengoku Basara (series)
  • Takeshi Yoroi, Shin Hurricane Polymar
  • Mach Windy, Shippū! Iron Leaguer
  • Tetsuya Asada, Shōbushi Densetsu Tetsuya
  • Hisashi Mitsui, Slam Dunk
  • Shimon Takagi, Sotsugyou M: Ore-tachi no Carnival
  • Masamune, Strange+
  • Raidiese F. Branstein, Super Robot Taisen OG
  • Grid, Tales of Eternia
  • Kunimitsu Tezuka, Tennis no Ōji-sama (series)
  • Toriko, Toriko ✅✅
  • Charles Chrishunds, Vassalord.
  • Brad Crawford, Weiß Kreuz
  • Hiroto Honda (“Tristen”), Yū☆Gi☆Ō ✅
  • Vashti, Yume Ōkoku to Nemureru 100-nin no Ōji-sama: Short Stories

Commentary: I used to wonder why there was so much attractive-looking fan works made of Saga Gemini (and “Kanon”), and now it all makes sense… it’s because he’s voiced by Ryōtarō Okiayu! The man is not only very handsome, but he has a very gorgeous voice, too! Is it any wonder that Saga is a fan favorite? Some of my favorite performances from him were Yuji Naruo (“Burn Up”), his iterations in “Burn Up W” and “Excess” are similar to the Kintarō Ōe character in “Golden Boy” — and I really enjoy him as Fumimaro Ayanokōji (“Detective Conan”), because how can you not like an eccentric police inspector with a pet squirrel? Amazing job, as always!

The “Meiō Hades” three-part series is worth checking out for any fan of the original series: “Soul of Gold”, “Saintia Shō”, and “Omega”, on the other hand, are series that I would advise to watch at your own discretion! The highlight of the conclusion was a) cameos from characters like Shaina and Marin b) Pandora’s past, her feelings towards Ikki were also pretty touching, too, and c) Seiya’s devotion towards saving Saori, during the last few episodes! I rate “Saint Seiya: Meiō Hades ~ Elysion” a 5/10!

Saint Seiya: Meiō Hades ~Santuary  ★★☆☆☆

Saint Seiya: Meiō Hades ~ Inferno ★★★☆☆

Saint Seiya: Meiō Hades ~ Elysion ★★★☆☆

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