Prayers for Luna Himemori

Hololive personality, Luna Himemori, has been suffering from tendonitis in her neck and right hand. In her most recent video, she explained that she had been experiencing terrible pain from her ailment and will have to get surgery on her wrist. In the heartbreaking stream, she cried and talked about how scared she was and that she had attempted to take Ibuprofen every day, but it hasn’t been enough to help with the affliction. 

In more recent updates on Twitter, she says that the doctor has been giving her injections for the pain, but it is only a temporary solution until they are able to operate on her. It broke my heart, because she kept saying that she just wanted to play piano and eat cake. Every day, she’s been giving her fans updates, while saying “I love you” to all of them. This is a short bonus post for today, but it was a topic that was important to me, so I thought I would share and ask all of you to send her your prayers.

The first stream that got me into her content was when she was playing the N64 version of Mario Tennis; I grew up playing this game religiously with my brother, so it was comforting to hear her revisit a childhood classic. The last stream of hers that I really enjoyed, was when she played Among Us and kept using English phrases like “do not be silly” and “will never forgive.” It was quite funny. @SakihataLily and I have made a habit of watching her before bed, because her sweet voice and chuckles are very soothing.

So, please, next time you eat a piece of cake, think about Princess Luna and wish her well. 🍰

The link to the stream where she explains her battle with tendonitis:

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