2ch Urban Legends︱きさらぎ駅

Title︱〝Kisaragi Station

※ The story is more commonly known under the moniker of “Seragi Station”!

Introduction to the〝2ch Urban Legends〞series︱Welcome to my translation project. The idea for this series came when I first learned about the “Kisaragi Station” story, and with that, my curiosity got the best of me, which lead to me going down a Japanese urban legend rabbit hole. During my journey, I learned that this trickling sediment of accumulated folklore had given rise to some popu trends in Japanese film and literature, and have even spawned several series of parody novels, that are solely dedicated to demystifying these viral stories! Strangely enough, many of them haven’t been translated, so I have made it my mission to translate the bulk of these stories into English!

Background Info︱Legends of phantom trains has been a part of Japan’s cultural history since the Meiji era, when steam locomotives were first introduced to the nation. The theories of trains bringing death and bizarre testimonies about the matter were even discussed in Yoshizen Sasaki’s dissertation on the matter, during the early nineteenth century.

References in Media︱This is one of the most popular 2ch horror stories, so there have been several video games and references in pop culture. In anime, the phantom station was referenced in Otherside Picnic (“Ura Sekai Pikunikku”). In video games, the most prolific one that references Kisaragi Station is “The Ghost Train”! Search「幽霊列車」(“ghost train”) into the YouTube search bar and there are a plethora of really interesting video footage of rogue trains running on unusual routes in the middle of the night.

Synopsis︱One day, a young girl named Hasumi notices that the railcar that she commonly commutes in has passed her stop, and she ends up at mysterious train station. Despite being near her home, the area is completely unfamiliar to her. Has she lost track of time or is it a different world altogether?

98:あなたのうしろに名無しさが・・・:04/01/08 23:14

98: ※ 2ch: 04/01/08 23:14


Do you think that it might be all in your head?

The chat log that Hasumi is on is literally called〝The Nameless Behind You〞— for the sake of simplicity, I have condensed the name to 2ch, since the website was where the tale originally was distributed on. Though, there are rumors that it was posted on 2ch, after the chat was catalogued from another forum.

99:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/08 23:16

99:2ch: sage 04/01/08 23:16


Please restate it.

100:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/08 23:18

100:2ch: sage 04/01/08 23:18




What’s going on?

101:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/08 23:18

101:2ch:04/01/08 23:18


I have been riding an evening train for a while, but the appearance is strange.

104:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/08 23:19

104:2ch: sage 04/01/08 23:19

※ ふんふん

*sniff, sniff*

※ “Kōsui no nioi ga punpun shite iru” is a Japanese wordplay pun, used as a joke that is indicative of smelling a strong odor.

107:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/08 23:23

107:2ch:04/01/08 23:23


It is a train that I always use for commuting, but it’s been stopped at the station for about 20 minutes longer than it usually does. Sometimes it stays at a station for 7 or 8 minutes, but even if it is 5 minutes or longer, it does not ever stop. There are five passengers sitting beside me, but they are all sleeping.

108:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/08 23:23

108:2ch: sage 04/01/08 23:23


You haven’t gotten off the train yet, have you?

111:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/08 23:25

111:2ch:04/01/08 23:25


Is the locomotive a limited express train or is it a monorail?

112:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/08 23:25

112:2ch: sage 04/01/08 23:25

>>107 快速電車?

>>107 A bullet train?

114:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/08 23:29

114:2ch:04/01/08 23:29


As you pointed out, there is the possibility that you got on wrong. I’ll try to be a little more patient.


Also, if it seems strange, I would like to ask you for more details.

115:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/08 23:35

115:2ch:04/01/08 23:35


For now, go to the farthest side.


I suggest that you go and see the conductor?

116:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/08 23:40

116:2ch:04/01/08 23:40


It would be hard if the driver is having an epileptic seizure. Go to the conductor’s room!

118:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/08 23:44

118:2ch:04/01/08 23:44


There is no sign of a stop yet, so I will look at it for a while.

120:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/08 23:47

120:2ch:04/01/08 23:47


First of all, let’s track the train from the route and the name of the station where you got on.

126:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/09 00:00

126:2ch:04/01/09 00:00


There was a blind or a blinder on the window, so I wasn’t able to see the conductor or the driver.


The route is a local railway, in Shizuoka Prefecture.

128:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/09 00:01

128:2ch:04/01/09 00:01

>>126 コテとトリップつけてくれ

>>126 Why don’t you try knocking on the window?

137:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 00:08

137:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 00:08


I tried hitting the window, but there was no reply.

146:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/01/09 00:13

146:2ch: 04/01/09 00:13


Can’t you look out of the window?


Name the last station you passed.

153:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 00:19

153:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 00:19


The speed dropped a little after I left the tunnel. There is usually no tunnel. It is a train from Shin-Hamamatsu.

156:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 00:23

156:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 00:23


If it is a station, then it is likely to stop.

157:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 00:24

157:2ch: sage 04/01/09 00:24


It’s not going to rain, is it?

160:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 00:25

160:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs: sage 04/01/09 00:25


I’m stopping at Kisaragi Station right now, should I get off? It is a station that I have never heard of or seen.

161:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/09 00:26

161:2ch:04/01/09 00:26


>>Hasumi What time did you get on the train?

162:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/09 00:26

162:2ch:04/01/09 00:26


Please get off, by all means.

165:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 00:28

165:2ch: sage 04/01/09 00:28


Get off at the end.

166:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 00:29

166:2ch: sage 04/01/09 00:29


You’re already on the way out, aren’t you?

167:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 00:29

167:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 00:29


I got off. It is an unmanned station.


I think the train I got on was at 11:40.

168:町田親衛隊 ◆VbT745avmg: sage 04/01/09 00:30

168:Machida SS ◆VbT745avmg: sage 04/01/09 00:30


Even if I search for Kisaragi Station, I can’t find anything …


I mean, was Hasumi’s train running for an hour?


Then, it is really an express.

170:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/01/09 00:32

170:2ch: 04/01/09 00:32


Don’t get caught searching for Kisar Station …

176:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 00:34

176:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 00:34


I’m looking for a timetable to go back, but I can’t find it.


If the train was still stopped, it might have been better to get on again. It has gone while I was waiting.

181:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 00:36

181:2ch: sage 04/01/09 00:36


Is there a building near you that appears to have people?


It’s cold, so be sure to stay warm.

182:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 00:36

182:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 00:36


I’m going to get out of the station and look for a taxi. Thank you very much.

183:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 00:36

183:2ch: sage 04/01/09 00:36


That’s all right.


Be careful.

185:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 00:39

185:2ch: sage 04/01/09 00:39


Around the unmanned station, the last train has been gone for too long.


It is very questionable whether finding a taxi will be very easily.

186:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 00:41

186:2ch: sage 04/01/09 00:41


It seems that Hasumi has become a resident of a two-dimensional world.

187:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 00:41

187:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 00:41


It’s too far out in the middle-of-nowhere for there to be a taxi around, there was nothing. How?

190:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 00:43

190:2ch: sage 04/01/09 00:43


駅員または近くにある交番へ ゴゥ


Find the station staff or a police box nearby, go!

191:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 00:43

191:2ch: sage 04/01/09 00:43


Dial 110 for now?

193:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/01/09 00:43

193:2ch: 04/01/09 00:43


Did you call a taxi company?

194:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/01/09 00:43

194:2ch: 04/01/09 00:43


You have no choice but to try and find someone.

195:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/01/09 00:44

195:2ch: 04/01/09 00:44


If there is a telephone box nearby, check the taxi company in the phone book and call.

200:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/09 00:46

200:2ch:04/01/09 00:46


>>Hasumi-san There is ・・・ no station that is named that, “Kisaragi Station”but, I would check again. Are you able to check it out? The station?

202:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/09 00:47

202:2ch:04/01/09 00:47

For the time being, it might be better to call 104 and get assistance to find a taxi company near the station, then you should be able to catch a cab.

204:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 00:48

204:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 00:48


I called home and asked them to pick me up, but my parents didn’t know where the station was.


I’ve been picked up since I checked the location on the map, but I’m afraid of something.

209:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/01/09 00:50

209:2ch: 04/01/09 00:50


What happened to the others?


Are you the only one who got off?

213:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/09 00:52

213:2ch:04/01/09 00:52




I also looked it up on the internet, but the name of the station that says “Kisarag Station” does not come up. There is no doubt that you are around Shin-Hamamatsu, right?


I’m looking into it on Yahoo!

214:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 00:53

214:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 00:53


I looked for a public phone, but there wasn’t one. The others didn’t get off, so I’m the only one now.


The name of the station is definitely Kisaragi.

215:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/09 00:55

215:2ch:04/01/09 00:55


This “Kisaragi Station” ーis it also an unmanned station?

217:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/01/09 00:56

217:2ch: 04/01/09 00:56


Public phones may be outside the station grounds.

218:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/09 00:56

218:2ch:04/01/09 00:56


Are you an otaku? I was super devastated, after ※ that game ended.

※ The eroge visual novel, Dōkyūsei (or “Classmates”) 2, takes place in a fictional town called 〝Kisaragi Town〞 — the person in the chat must have assumed that the post was a prank, that was written from a fan of the game series.

220:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/01/09 00:56

220:2ch: 04/01/09 00:56


Why don’t you leave the station for now?

221:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 00:57

221:2ch: sage 04/01/09 00:57


You have been looking into it for a while now,


You can imagine that there’s spirits and then reading this in that, with that in mind, becomes a lot more fun。。。

223: ※ 携帯の人:04/01/09 00:59

223:2chan:04/01/09 00:59


Write the name of the next station in front of the Kisaragi Station. It should have been written down.

The text literally reads 〝Mobile Person〞—I would assume that the user logged in from a mobile device. Japanese sites more often than not have an SNS feature for cellphones to access, and even though this story takes place in 2009, there were still websites that were commonly accessed via mobile phone!

225:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 01:00

225:2ch: sage 04/01/09 01:00

>>221 鬼駅かよ…

It’s an oni station …


Hey, hey.

229:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 01:01

229:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 01:01


What should I go? I couldn’t find the next station or the previous station.

249:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/09 01:08

249:2ch:04/01/09 01:08


You could walk home on the tracks.

259:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 01:12

259:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 01:12


Well, I’m panicked, so I didn’t notice if there was another station upon our arrival. I will wait from a call from my parents as I walk along the tracks.


I examined the town’s information on my phone’s GPS mode a little while earlier, but the point somehow malfunctioned.


I want to go home early.

255:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/09 01:10

255:2ch:04/01/09 01:10




Call a taxi as soon as you reach the next town, please say something.

256:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 01:11

256:2ch: sage 04/01/09 01:11


If you run and chase it now, you may be able to catch the next train!

258:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 01:11

258:2ch: sage 04/01/09 01:11


If there’s a station, there must about a private house around.

265:町田親衛隊 ◆VbT745avmg:04/01/09 01:14

265:Machida SS ◆VbT745avmg:04/01/09 01:14


What’s around you?


Even if you say there is nothing, you can see a mountain, 一is there a field, or a grassland nearby?


Describe the location, from what you are able to see around you.

280:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 01:18

280:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 01:18


There’s really nothing nearby. I can only see grasslands and mountains.


But I think that I can return if I follow the tracks, so I will do my best. Thank you very much.


You can think this is story, but I will talk to you again if I’m in trouble.

283:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 01:18

283:2ch: sage 

>>280 いいよ



Be careful for now.

285:町田親衛隊 ◆VbT745avmg: sage 04/01/09 01:19

285:Machida SS ◆VbT745avmg: sage 04/01/09 01:19




Just be careful about your phone’s battery running out. It’s your lifeline now.

286:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 01:19

286:2ch: sage 04/01/09 01:19


Don’t go in the wrong direction.


Also, be careful in the tunnel.

296:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 01:22

296:2ch: sage 04/01/09 01:22


Can I get my phone’s signal in a place where there’s nothing?


I think it’s better not to move from the station・・・

303:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 01:24

303:2ch: sage 04/01/09 01:24


A station with no station staff on a cold night


The light bulb may soon be turned and go black・・・

304:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 01:25

304:2ch: sage 04/01/09 01:25


The track is a darker trap. There’s going to be a tunnel from now on, right?

305:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 01:25

305:2ch: sage 04/01/09 01:25


Still, it might have been better to wait for the down at the station …

308:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/ 01/09 01:26

308:2ch: 04/01/09 01:26


It’s like studying a ※ tanuki

※ In folklore, tanuki are trickster raccoon dog spirits that are known for shapeshifting and playing tricks on humans, in some accounts, the creatures are even capable of creating music. The version of the tanuki legend that is directly being referenced in this story is the bamboo-cutting tanuki (竹伐狸) legend. These creatures have been said to make the sounds of flutes and drums late into the night, and supposedly, the music sounds so real, that witnesses have claimed that the experience is not a delusion. In anime that reference tanuki (like “Renkin 3-kyū Magical? Pokān”), some myths even give the creatures the ability to create full-fledged hallucinations.

317:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 01:30

317:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 01:30

父親から電話があり、いろんな問答があってどうし ても場所がわからないから110番しなさいと言われたので、

My father called me and told me to call 110 because I had various questions and answers and I didn’t know the place.


Although there is some resistance, I will call now and have you help …

358:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 01:43

358:2ch: sage 04/01/09 01:43


I think it’s easier to act after it gets brighter・・・

361:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 01:45

361:2ch: sage 04/01/09 01:45


Can you wait still in the middle of the night?


It’s an unfamiliar place, all of this is too strange …

362:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 01:46

362:2ch: sage 04/01/09 01:46


Can you go through the tunnel by yourself 一 in the middle of the night?


It’s all on unfamiliar land, this whole scenario is too strange …

363:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 01:46

363:2ch: sage 04/01/09 01:46


So, can you walk all the way down such a cold, strange night road?

380:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 01:55

380:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 01:55


I explained the current situation after I to the operators after I called 110, but after that, they were angry because they thought it was a prank,


I got scared, so I apologize …

382:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 01:56

382:2ch: sage 04/01/09 01:56


Why are you apologizing?


You should give up for today.


Wait for the first train

386:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 01:57

386:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 01:57


I hear a sound like a drum in the distance and the sound of a bell mixed with it, but to be honest, I don’t see anything here.

388:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 01:58

388:2ch: sage 04/01/09 01:58


What is the area around the station like? What’s going on?

395:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/01/09 02:00

395:2ch: 04/01/09 02:00


It’s starting now

396:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/01/09 02:00

396:2ch: 04/01/09 02:00


The sound of drums and bells・・・?

(´・ω・`) シャンシャンぽくぽく

( ́·ω·’) The noises of a tanuki

391:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/09 01:58

391:2ch:04/01/09 01:58


Go back to the station for the time being, Hasumi.


If you get lost, it’s best to go back to the first site.

400:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 02:01

400:2ch: sage 04/01/09 02:01


You must be near a festival.

401:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 02:01

401:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 02:01


You might think it’s a lie, but I’m too scared to look behind me. I want to go back to the station, but I don’t want to turn around.

406:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/01/09 02:03

406:2ch: 04/01/09 02:03


Run. Never turn around.

420:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/01/09 02:08

420:2ch: 04/01/09 02:08


You can’t head to the station anymore.


I’ll be taken.


Run to the tunnel for now!


It should be surprisingly close.

422:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 02:09

422:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 02:09


I heard shouting from behind, it was screaming that I shouldn’t walk on the track because it’s dangerous, so after I turned around I thought there would be a worker from the station.


There was an ※ ojii-san standing about 10 meters away with only one leg, but he disappeared. I’m too scared to move, dear friends.

※ Ojii-san means “grandfather” — in Japan, it is common for young people to refer to their elders as “grandma” and “grandpa” with the endearing nickname.

423:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/01/09 02:09

423:2ch: 04/01/09 02:09




We’re listening to what you say, you’re calm, right?


Go to the sound of the drum.


Because there should be someone beating that drum.

424:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 02:10

424:2ch: sage 04/01/09 02:10



Are you going to take Su-min to Dokko?

426:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 02:11

426:2ch: sage 04/01/09 02:11


Don’t turn around. Run

428:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 02:11

428:2ch: sage 04/01/09 02:11


Do you know of an [ojii-san] that only has one leg?

429:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 02:12

429:2ch: sage 04/01/09 02:12



… You mean an old man that is missing a leg.

433:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 02:12

433:2ch: sage 04/01/09 02:12


No Hasumi, you’re going to be taken now.


So, if you are able to go back, you’d better return from where you came from.

435:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 02:13

435:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 02:13


I can’t walk anymore, I can’t run. The sound like a drum is approaching a little.

436:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 02:13

436:2ch: sage 04/01/09 02:13


I’m sure he’s the old man who was run over on the track and died with one leg lost.

444:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/09 02:16

444:2ch:04/01/09 02:16


Hasumi is no longer a being in this world.


I’m sorry, but I don’t feel like you’re a living person from your writing.


If you don’t be aware of it, your spirit will not be able to reincarnate.

445:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 02:17

445:2ch: sage 04/01/09 02:17




Wait for the dawn.


I’m not afraid if it gets brighter.

446:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 02:17

446:2ch: sage 04/01/09 02:17


I wish I had been on the train.

452:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 02:20

452:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 02:20


I’m still alive. There is blood from falling down, and I have a broken my heel. I don’t want to die yet.

487:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/01/09 02:32

487:2ch: 04/01/09 02:32


Well, it seems certain there is no sign that it is likely to turn around, even if it is a reversing railcar.

488:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/01/09 02:32

488:2ch: 04/01/09 02:32




I think it’s safe to go through the tunnel for the time being.


Call to contact me as soon as you get out of the tunnel.

492:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 02:35

492:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 02:35


I called home. My father called the police, but the sound is approaching.

496:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/09 02:36

496:2ch:04/01/09 02:36


Oh yes, you had better check the name of the tunnel before entering it.


If it is an ordinary tunnel, it always has the name of the name tunnel.


Now you can call the police to find out where you are.

500:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/01/09 02:38

500:2ch: 04/01/09 02:38


I pray that the sound is not the sound of the train for the time being.


But, it may be too late.

516:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 02:45

516:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 02:45


The name that came to the front of the tunnel somehow turned out to be Isanuki.


The sound is also getting closer, so I’m going to take courage and go through the tunnel.


When Hasumi makes it out of the tunnel safely, I will write again.

520:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/01/09 02:46

520:2ch: 04/01/09 02:46


※ Best of luck

※ “Gangare” is a slang form of “ganbare” — meaning “good luck”.

522:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/01/09 02:47

522:2ch: 04/01/09 02:47


This is the last chance.


There are no trains or stations here.


There is no place to go back to.


There is no one to fear.


The sound you hear is a vision of the past.


Run across the tunnel.


If you stop, you’ll just get stuck in a place that’s not in either world.

562:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 03:10

562:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 03:10


I came out of the tunnel. Someone is standing ahead.


It seems to have been correct as advised. Thank you very much.


Because their face is shaky with tears, I may not be in the wrong place this time.

566:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 03:11

566:2ch: sage 04/01/09 03:11


Wait, Hasumi!


Don’t go!

569:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 03:12

569:2ch: sage 04/01/09 03:12


Stop! Hey, come back!

570:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 03:12

570:2ch: sage 04/01/09 03:12


At this time of night, someone is standing there?


This is so mysterious …

586:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 03:20

586:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 03:20


I was worried. It was a kind person and he is going to drive me to a nearby station.


There seems to be something like a business hotel there. Thank you very much everyone.

588:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 03:21

588:2ch: sage 04/01/09 03:21

はすみん 聞きたいことがあるんだ答えてくれ。

Hasumi, I need to ask you something. Answer me.


Where is it? Will you ask a kind person for the name of the place?

606:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 03:29

606:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 03:29


When I ask for a place, he says it’s in Hina, but I think it’s absolutely impossible.

590:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 03:21

590:2ch: sage 04/01/09 03:21


Is he really kind?


He might be scarier than he seems.

593:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/01/09 03:23

593:2ch: 04/01/09 03:23


Well, that’s it.


So, where is the location, YO!

596:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/01/09 03:25

596:2ch: 04/01/09 03:25


Yaba Iyo, that person!!


Why is he near the track at this time?


I’m sure he’s disposing of a body or something.


Listen to this message, Hasumi.


Run away!!

607:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/01/09 03:29

607:2ch 04/01/09 03:29


Get out of the car, Hasumi!

610:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 03:29

610:2ch: sage 04/01/09 03:29


I’m sorry, Hasumi. But, where is Hina located?

621:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・:04/01/09 03:36

621:2ch:04/01/09 03:36


There’s a strange story.


Wasn’t there an older man who abducted a girl who was walking from the track at this time・・・


What would happen, if he was that person?

623:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 03:37

623:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 03:37


We’re heading towards the mountain more and more than before. I don’t think there is a place where it’s safe to leave the car.


He doesn’t talk to me at all.

627:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: 04/01/09 03:40

627:2ch: 04/01/09 03:40


There is nothing good about a man that wanders the tracks at this hour.

628:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 03:41

628:2ch: sage 04/01/09 03:41


The way you’re no longer talking, is it because you’ve been afraid to check your phone.


I wonder?

629:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 03:41

629:2ch: sage 04/01/09 03:41

はすみん やばいやばいよ

Hasumi, this isn’t a good thing.

親にはトンネル出て保護( ?)されたと連絡したのか?

Did he enter the tunnel to protect you (?) Did you contact him?

631:あなたのうしろに名無しさんが・・・: sage 04/01/09 03:41

631:2ch: sage 04/01/09 03:41




Call 110, please


This could be the last chance that you get to escape.

635:はすみ ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 03:44

635:Hasumi ◆KkRQjKFCDs:04/01/09 03:44


The phone’s battery is already in a pinch.


Because their appearance is strange, I wanted to see if there was a chance to run away. I started muttering monologues that I didn’t understand earlier.


In case this is the end, 一I will use the last of phone’s power to type this.


After this, the messages from Ms. Hasumi were cut off.


Is it just the case of a missing person, or has she wandered into a space that doesn’t really exist… I don’t know the truth.

Bonus︱Check out @akidearest‘s video on the subject, since she lives in Japan, she was able to provide interesting visual references and location data that makes the narrative that much more eerie! I avoided watching her video on the subject for over a week before I translated this folktale myself, so my translation and the some of the information that I have provided will be diverging from the info in her video!

NEXT URBAN LEGEND︱〝Adultery Snake Spiral〞or 〝Rape Snake〞— stick around to hear about the famous urban legend that inspired Sengoku Nadeko’s arc in NISIOISIN’s Monogatari series!

NOTE︱This series took a lot of time and effort to put together, so I would appreciate feedback on the project. Thank you so much for reading the first blog! ( ˶ ᷇ 𖥦 ᷆ ˵ )

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