First Attempt at Animation ﹣ Nephthys

I started working on a menu screen PV for my visual novel and my first animation is the sum total of 25 frames; I originally had around 40 outlined, but many of them ended up looking awkward in the final product (or I trashed them during pre-production). After this, today and Sunday, I’m going doing a brand new chara design for Elizabeth Gardner. And, on Monday and Tuesday, I’m going to make a demo video for the visual novel’s gameplay, with a short sample from my first book!

I had two court dates this week, so my schedule was a little cramped, but I should be able to double up and do my normal work-load this coming week! I’ll give an overview of my goals on Tuesday, and when I am finally able to puchase a keyboard, I should be able to write reviews regularly again. Despite all adversity ﹣ I am very, very grateful to be able to create art and program my visual novel in the meantime. I have been posting extra content on Facebook; if you are interested﹣here’s the link:

THANK YOU for continuing to stick with my blog, I have endless gratitude towards my fellow bloggers and readers!

If anyone is interested in reading my book before I adapt it into a visual novel, the first two are free to read on FictionPress:

To read reviews and check out the book listings on GoodReads, go here:

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H.E. Rodgers is the author of the Juniper's Tree series, also known as the 真柏Project. MyAnimeList: Twitter: #真柏Project #JunipersTree

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