New Design for the 真柏Project series! ⑷

Ashton Williams from Juniper’s Tree.

I like how her outfit turned out, it looks like something a college-aged girl would wear in early autumn﹣it fits with Ashton’s identity at the beginning of the Juniper’s Tree pretty well, self-assured and youthfully ambitious. I was originally going to make her skirt a brighter shade of red, but I’m glad I decided to go with more of a mahogany color. I like how her hairstyle looks, too; it reminds me of Kay from Girls und Panzer. Hermès will make their debut soon, too, and then I’ll post a side-by-side, since they are doppelgängers of one another.

Published by EggheadLuna

H.E. Rodgers is the author of the Juniper's Tree series, also known as the 真柏Project. MyAnimeList: Twitter: #真柏Project #JunipersTree

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