Tales of the Blood Iris Citadel ~ 9/6/2021

Fanfic Title: Tales of the Blood Iris Citadel

Game: Tōken Ranbu (刀剣乱舞 Pocket)

Synopsis: A journal-entry/travelogue-style fic that chronicles the everyday happenings in the citadel of my Tōken Ranbu account. Written from the first-person perspective of a female saniwa. The modern girl has crossed dimensions using a mystical spell and is cast into a feudal-style acropolis, where she is given the ability to anthropomorphize ancient swords, in order to ward off evil spirits and keep time from being permanently altered by magecraft-using revisionists. There is no romance in this story — only a cozy, slice-of-life fic.

* This is meant to be a fun fanfic exercise — so instead of my usual narrative restrictions, 1.5K ~ 3K words, this will vary from a few sentences to a few paragraphs per day.

9/6/2021 ~ Today, my fatigue has gotten the best of me; it must have been because of a certain incident (a few hours prior), when Muramasa attempted to make yakiniku out of all of the horses in the stable! His bouldering shoulders were hunched over a pot of boiling, fragrant broth — I caught the mischievous sword red-handed, while he sharpened his utensils next to Kane-san’s brown steed. This horse was one that I had a personal affinity for, I had called the nameless stallion Djali — after Esmeralda’s shrewd goat-friend in “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”.

I wrapped my arms like gauze in a gray, quilted shawl that evening. Tossing caution to the wind once again, I sent a written request for a new sword companion and watched it get eaten up in the dimensional ether. The new Tantō that appeared from a gust of rolling fog spoke with a playful sigh, akin to the chime of a flute merged with an eagle’s eephus scree.

Imanotsurugi’s geta sandals clink inaudibly across the wood flooring as he walks nearer to me; he is adorned in a small tokin, that rests gingerly on his small head, and a pompom sash — making the materialisation something straight out of Japanese lore: a tengu, in essence. Rivulets of beige, ashen hair stream down his backside and his blood-red eyes kindle candles for the blackened night. His gaze hovers over me like two little lanterns and he approaches, fleet-footed, like a bird descending from skyward heights — he then sits next to me on the engawa and stares with a deliberately reserved vigor, before speaking in song,

“Commander~ let’s have lots of fun in battle, okay?”

To Be Continued

※ I posted an animation PV for Śakra’s arc (a pivotal character in the Juniper’s Tree trilogy) and launched a YouTube channel, please check it out if you have time: https://youtu.be/mRiYFB5NgUI

Published by EggheadLuna

H.E. Rodgers is the author of the Juniper's Tree series, also known as the 真柏Project. MyAnimeList: https://myanimelist.net/profile/Egghe... Twitter: https://twitter.com/EggheadLuna #真柏Project #JunipersTree

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