Tales of the Blood Iris Citadel ~ 9/7/2021

Fanfic Title: Tales of the Blood Iris Citadel

Game: Tōken Ranbu (刀剣乱舞 Pocket)

Synopsis: A journal-entry/travelogue-style fic that chronicles the everyday happenings in the citadel of my Tōken Ranbu account. Written from the first-person perspective of a female saniwa. The modern girl has crossed dimensions using a mystical spell and is cast into a feudal-style acropolis, where she is given the ability to anthropomorphize ancient swords, in order to ward off evil spirits and keep time from being permanently altered by magecraft-using revisionists. There is no romance in this story — only a cozy, slice-of-life fic.

* This is meant to be a fun fanfic exercise — so instead of my usual narrative restrictions, 1.5K ~ 3K words, this will vary from a few sentences to a few paragraphs per day.

9/7/2021 ~ Today, I have my notepad out, as I pen these events in a live, stream-of-consciousness sort of fashion. It is daybreak and I scrawl out the final character on a request scroll, trying my hardest not to blot the ink. Kane-san and Kunihiro are sparring intensely in the adjoining dōjō; during their breaks while toweling off globs of forehead sweat, Kunihiro fanatically raves about their former master, Hijikata Toshizō of Shinsengumi fame, and Kane-san reacts with a tragicomic face: that reveals a searing sense of both joy and pain.

A sudden paroxysm of raw, mana-infused energies flood the halls — the sensation on my ankles causes a spasm of spine-chills! Out of the ether comes a man gilded in black and gold. Having a haughty expression and a silver-ash shade of light-green hair, he grumbles, “I sense that my brother is here, mayhaps?”

I sprint to the nearest area that comes to mind, the dōjō, and call out to the two sparring partners, “Higekiri’s brother has arrived, can one of you please assist me in finding him?!”

Kanesada Izuminokami gives an irked, lackadaisical expression — with a shrug that says: I’m too perfect to yield to your commands, human. Conversely, Horikawa Kunihiro places his shinai on a short, wicker bench and floors it out of there, always eager to please. Kane-san then scratches his head and resumes his kendō swings in a mild-manner of nonchalance; truly, there is a cat and dog-like duality between them, despite having been forged in the same kiln.

At last, the two brother reunite, and unlike Hijikata’s blades’ interaction from the previous scene, the Tachi-class brothers banter on like no one’s business. Essentially acting like twins birthed from a single bamboo shoot — while their golden, dragon eyes gleam brightly… like they had just been polished. Higekiri is more effeminate, whilst the new arrival, Hizamaru, is more sullen and carries himself with a masculine posture. They are the perfect embodiment of the yīnyáng paradox!

“Since it is still morning,” I declare, “it means there are chores to be done around the citadel. So, you two will be assigned to fieldwork duty!”

Higekiri seems puzzled, as though I had uttered the sentence in a foreign tongue.

“Huh,” Hizamaru scowls ungraciously, “us, proud swords of the Genji clan?”

“You heard me,” I proclaim with a little bit of a snide smile, “let’s go! I’ll help you out!”

Forty-five minutes later… and we are trudging through glooping streams of submerged rice crop. The boys have their Nike tracksuits pulled up around their knobby knees, and Higekiri exclaims suddenly, in a peal of laughter, “You know, the menial labor that mortals do… is actually quite fun!!!”

To Be Continued

Previous Chapter – https://eggheadluna.wordpress.com/2021/09/06/tales-of-the-blood-iris-citadel-3

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