Goals for the Week: September 19, 2021

Riamu Yumemi’s birthday was last week (9/12) 🥳

New Goals:

✔️ Animate “Somnambular”

※ I don’t have much left to illustrate, so I am hoping to get this one finished by Sunday… hopefully, God spares me from any other hard trials this week… (to learn more, read the paragraph below)

✔️ Storyboard “With You”

This one is much more light-hearted than the previous project was, so I am really excited to dig into it. Not sure if I’m allowed to feel this way about my own characters, but Juniper/Nephthys is one of my favorite couples. So, I hope I can artistically convey their love in a way that does it justice!

Old Goals:

❌ Animate “Somnambular”

※ Learned last Wednesday that my father is dying of terminal cancer, so I opened a line up to him and let him know that I am open to talk (we spoke for a couple of hours yesterday, and he seemed to be feeling a little better (after a couple of chemo treatments). He drove all the way out the Oklahoma City because he wanted to spend time alone while he was getting medical treatment. We were living in different states either way, but he left home without his wife and other daughters, so he is all alone in that town. I am still in the numb phase of knowing that one of my parents only has a short time left to live. The best thing that I can to do is open myself up to his needs and try to make him feel more comfortable/secure in the current situation. The two of us are estranged since I was raised by my grandmother all throughout my teens, but I think giving him the benefit of the doubt is the right thing to do in this situation. I hate talking about my personal life in so much detail, but the ordeal might bog down my productivity/schedule in the future, so I thought there should be a small aside explaining what the heck is going on right now.

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