Fanart of My V-Tuber Avi

A week ago, I created a profile on REALITY – which is basically like a social media app for V-Tubers. To celebrate, I experimented with digital art for the first time (using the iOS Sketchbook app) and made a fan drawing of my avatar. If you are interested in joining REALITY and becoming a mutual follow on there, here is a link:

In the future, I want to record singing streams and discuss anime live – it is really exciting that there are so many options available for content-creation nowadays! I did a test stream where I muted the mic and doodled a bit while live, but I have yet to officially debut.

Today was actually my first time dabbling in the realm of digital art, I thought that I would colossally fail at first because I am only really used making pixel pictures but, in all honesty, pixel art is actually HARDER in a lot of ways because you have so many limitations with what you can do! If you are a new artist, I would actually suggest working in the pixel art format first, because it helps you gain a deeper understanding of an object’s dimensional properties.

I used to struggle a lot with depth perception, so seeing the height and width of an image on a grid really helped conceptualize it for me. Digital art is only more difficult with coloring (the range of tools and the coloration process took some getting used to) – pixel art is more difficult with shading though (it always appears blocky, no matter what you do).

My REALITY profile

Please look forward to my debut stream soon, I have contemplated going so far as to screen record the first live stream and upload it to YouTube! Also, let me know if you prefer the new digital art style or if you like the retro aesthetic of the pixel art more – I will take your opinions into consideration while I am making the final decisions for the visual novel. For now, I have been practicing with vocal training though I am going to try and release a demo for my kusoge novel first and foremost.

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H.E. Rodgers is the author of the Juniper's Tree series, also known as the 真柏Project. MyAnimeList: Twitter: #真柏Project #JunipersTree

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