Goals for the Week: October 17, 2021

Update: It seems like my father is getting through his radiation treatments well enough to have surgery soon and remove the tumors, there is a cyst in his ribcage that has been making it hard for him to breathe, so I hope that it can be excised safely. I wish for him to be inContinue reading “Goals for the Week: October 17, 2021”

Short Animation PV – Somnambular (from 真柏Project)

It’s done: https://youtu.be/HPkufqYiVjo Twitter: https://twitter.com/eggheadluna/status/1442502574414831623?s=21 Forgive me for releasing it so late, as you may have guessed – I have had a lot going on in my personal life and this is possibly one of the most challenging animations that I have ever choreographed. Please check it out, it took a lot of time andContinue reading “Short Animation PV – Somnambular (from 真柏Project)”

Coming Soon… (Somnambular)

Taking a bit longer than expected, I tend to overshoot a bit with animation because I think, “creating a lot images, that isn’t too hard to do” but then I remember that correcting perspective and lining up the frames is a thing… it should be ready in a few hours; at the latest, the endContinue reading “Coming Soon… (Somnambular)”

真柏Project Chara-Designs – Juniper and Nephthys

These will be the main sprites used for the two main characters in the Juniper’s Tree visual novel. Nephthys typically has the appearence of a 12-year-old girl, because when mortals undergo apotheosis and gain a deified form (the wedding CG is from the epilogue/The Folklorist’s continuity – it is also how Neph looks when sheContinue reading “真柏Project Chara-Designs – Juniper and Nephthys”

Lyrical Analysis: Ava Adore to Look What You Made Me Do

Have you ever had a completely different interpretation of a song after you had aged-up a bit and gained a more mature perspective on the world? Well, I decided to write this analysis because I had a very thoughtful moment while revisting “Ava Adore” (The Smashing Pumpkins). There are also parallels with that track’s song-writingContinue reading “Lyrical Analysis: Ava Adore to Look What You Made Me Do”

Goals for the Week: September 19, 2021

New Goals: ✔️ Animate “Somnambular” ※ I don’t have much left to illustrate, so I am hoping to get this one finished by Sunday… hopefully, God spares me from any other hard trials this week… (to learn more, read the paragraph below) ✔️ Storyboard “With You” This one is much more light-hearted than the previousContinue reading “Goals for the Week: September 19, 2021”

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