Goals for the Week: November 28, 2021

After drawing Taylor Swift as Devola & Popola (NieR Replicant)… I fell ill with flu symptoms and a fever. I don’t think it’s anything too serious, just a seasonal sickness. But because of it, I had to delay my design-work a little bit. So, below is a preview of the upcoming Nephthys design… I haven’tContinue reading “Goals for the Week: November 28, 2021”

Goals for the Week: November 21, 2021 (toddler steps)

I didn’t finish either of my goals last week, sometimes grief finds a way of trickling in when you least expect it to… nonetheless, starting today, I have made a little bit of progress: I filled up my Buffer queue again; I hope that will help regain a sense of what was lost. I hadContinue reading “Goals for the Week: November 21, 2021 (toddler steps)”

Character Design Sheet – Juniper Jamison

I made my first character design sheet! This is a great advancement in the visual novel project because I can just edit the raw .PNG images of Juniper into the game now! It took a lot of work and the action pose was tricky to illustrate, but I think all of the hard work paidContinue reading “Character Design Sheet – Juniper Jamison”

Goals for the Week: November 14, 2021 (small steps)

New Goals ☑️ Finish Art for the PV I just need to re-draw the old characters in with Sketchbook and then draw one or two landscapes. I know this has been taking forever, but I hope to finish it for sure this week. The next court date is not until January and since my fatherContinue reading “Goals for the Week: November 14, 2021 (small steps)”

Partial-Return and Rozen Maiden Fan Art

Doodling has helped me stay sane since my last blog post – for the time being, I am temporarily returing to my roots and drawing fan art. This is a picture from Rozen Maiden: Träumend. The second season, the best in my opinion, is more existential in its denouement – it discusses God and mortalityContinue reading “Partial-Return and Rozen Maiden Fan Art”

真柏Project Promo – Anima

This is an artistic rendering of the creepiest creature from Juniper’s Tree. Child of Artemis, it is known only as the Shapeshifter – as it is a nameless and soulless being that acts purely on instinct, luring its prey in with its beauty and then devouring them to wear their corpses to use as theirContinue reading “真柏Project Promo – Anima”

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