This page directs you to reviews written for my series.

From Randall McConnell (GoodReads)

A wonderfully new experience in the dark fantasy genre. With a setting and cast so eerily welcoming that you’ll feel right at home in a world you’re not sure of. Dropped right into the shoes of Juniper, you’ll experience all the elation and horror of trying to find yourself through an ill fated world whose beauty belies a grotesque truth. The world and characters are beautifully flushed out, with interactions smoothly taking you into a place that holds you captive as you realize it’s already too late to turn back. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait for the next part as is.

From Pamela Schlosser (Amazon)

Bravo! This is a brilliant read! I fell in love with the main character, Juniper Jamison; HER adventures took me to another world, as I felt drawn in. I felt refreshed by an original work, written in such descriptive beauty. A dark Alice in Wonderland meets up with a mission impossible, where cats really do talk. “I’m NOT a cat”! 🙂 The characters are colorful from this world and beyond. I also enjoyed the comedy that was sprinkled in with the tragedy. And, the peace mixed in with the chaos. I do know for sure that Anne Rice will want this in her library. H. E. Rodgers, many many people hope that you will continue this adventure and give us many more books!

From Mike Hamner (Amazon)

I purchased this with the hope that it might be something worthy of a series (I like series). The writing is very good and easy to follow. It does seem to me that this could be a decent series and I hope that there is more. A quick read you will enjoy if you like something personal, dark (at times). Has an Agatha Christie feel. I like the main character and how she is described.

From Sasha Boileau (GoodReads)

This series is full of intrigue, mystery, and exciting lore. This series will leave you gasping in awe at its scenic descriptions while searching for the next shocking twist! 真柏Project, Pt 1: Apotheosis follows a human guardian in a world of divinity – but that does not make it safe or free of tragedy. The series is a beautiful blend of mystery and lovable characters. Whilst thinking of the series as they are intended-visually, I have no doubt that this will light the creative fires in its readers using its unique wit, tragedy, and scenery. Love can blossom in horrific times just as tragedy can corrupt the most peaceful of creatures. This series is the embodiment of such notions. Anyone looking for a unique and chilling mystery wrapped in fantasy will find it hard to put 真柏Project, Pt 1: Apotheosis down. I, for one, am looking forward to the next installment coming in October of 2020!

From Randall McConnell (GoodReads)

A slight change in tone leads to this heartfelt addition to the series. After the setting is cemented in the first volume, this one takes the characters and brings them to life. With this you’ll get to explore the back stories to some of the protagonist’s friends as well as how their feelings mix with the world. And who has the best taste in clothes! All leading to and ramping up to a climax that seems to indicate that the final book will not be for the faint of heart. Grab yourself a copy and some cocoa to get cozy while you can for the second volume of Juniper’s Tree, Pt. 2: Lovers and fall in love once again with the story we’ve been invited to. (Nephthys is best girl)

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