Prayers for Luna Himemori

Hololive personality, Luna Himemori, has been suffering from tendonitis in her neck and right hand. In her most recent video, she explained that she had been experiencing terrible pain from her ailment and will have to get surgery on her wrist. In the heartbreaking stream, she cried and talked about how scared she was andContinue reading “Prayers for Luna Himemori”

Moral Integrity + Hololive

I will preface this statement by saying, I am a fan of Hololive. It brightens my day to watch some of my favorite streamers, like Shiranui Flare and Ninomae Ina’nis! Another disclaimer before you read my opinion on them, is this: I think that pornography is wrong and harmful, especially in the case of Hololive. Continue reading “Moral Integrity + Hololive”

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